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Month: March 2019

Our Stance on the Latest Free Speech College Drama

It was in my recent experiences that I have had a chance to watch some television – something that I don’t normally do. As I switched on the TV I saw Jerry Seinfeld – a comedian whom I enjoy and who I consider a cut above – morally speaking – the many depraved comedians that are out at the moment. Jerry was being interviewed on a talk show and was asked about student campuses – he talked about how he does not perform at universities anymore because he finds that they are too easily offended and it makes him uncomfortable.

However Jerry is not the only person that feels like this – and in fact there is a bit litany of stand up comedians who do not do college campuses. Something is amiss here. But the reason I wanted to write this was to make it clear where I stand on this issue – as the administrator of Assumption School.

As you know we are affiliated with a Christian Church – and we invite comedians on all the time – we are put in a challenging position because many comedians can be crude. At the same time we also want our students to be entertained – and I like to hold back on censorship of comedians that come to our college. When comedians do come in I explain to them that our student body is Christian – and so to keep that in mind – and understand that anti-Christian jokes will not fly well here. Though I do not go so far as to tell them what they can and can’t talk about.

Unfortunately at the more “free” and “liberal” colleges it is quite ironic that another form of religion can sprout up – one where people feel they are entitled to say what others can and cannot say. This is against Christian doctrines and so I want to assure that we will never censor not only comedians – but thinkers that come from all spectrums.

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